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       s your company continues to grow and change, so does outdated equipment. Changing the old for the new can be exactly what your company needs.  But what happens to the old equipment that you are no longer using?  MHS now offers Asset Recovery Services to fulfill that need. 

Asset Recovery is simply maximizing the life of your older equipment.  MHS has two different options in order to accomplish this.

First we attempt to sell each and every item that we obtain from your facility.  Second, if the item is broken or is so outdated that we cannot sell it, it can be recycled.

Recycling is a very important part of what we do.  In order to do our part, MHS will recycle all of the asset items that are not sellable. 

At the end of each quarter your company will receive a percentage of all sold assets and you will actually GET A CHECK from the profits.  It’s a win-win situation. 

Many companies with large amounts of assets may get audited.  For your convenience, MHS offers in-house services, to provide you with a spreadsheet of all the items that we have obtained for those audits. 


Asset Recovery

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