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MHS Enterprises understands the vital role that your business's communication network plays in information management.  The revolutionary changes to technology have business distributing more information by voice, computer, video, or other media.  MHS Enterprises properly installs, terminates and tests to ensure error-free data transmission.  Improper installation can cause data loss, bogged down and slow network, and re-transmission of packets.  We understand that protecting your assets while safely minimizing operational risk and disruptions is essential to your business.  We work closely with you to increase your business performance, with a well designed installed and certified system, avoiding costly issues.  Whether you are building a new office space or updating your existing cabling network, we have the expertise.  MHS Enterprises is a Hubbell Certified installer with OSHA certified technicians.  We install cable based on the clients requisites and abide by Bisci regulations. The clients we have worked 


Data | Voice | Fiber | Video

with range from all sizes, including healthcare facilities, financial institutions, government entities, educational institutions and trucking industries, just to name a few. Complete testing and documentations can be performed upon request.

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Cat5, Cat6 & Cat6A

Single mode fiber optic cabling

Multimode/OM3 fiber optic cabling

Multi pair voice feeder cabling

​Coaxial Distribution

Our installations include the following cables: