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Video Intercom

     Video Intercom provides the safe and secure environment needed in the business world of today.  Whether it is an apartment building or commercial building you will have the confidence of knowing who you are allowing into your building before you open the door. 

There are basic packages with a camera station outside and a master station at your location of choice, allowing vision behind the door.  This helps protect your employees, assets, product, and much more.  

When paired with our controlled access options, our video intercom system allows you to open the door from whatever location you desire, with your security in mind.  Whether its deliveries, customers, or a potential customer you will have eyes outside that door. 

This system also allows you to put more than one camera on each master station allowing multi views for that station and the ability to open each and every door at your very fingertips.  Why not consider increasing your productivity and giving your business the confidence with the security to back it up?

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