your home’s security that is no different.  DSC is a world leader in electronic security and has a variety of  systems from wiredtouchscreens to wireless panels with a cellular backup. 

MHS has technicians certified by DSC to program their PowerSeries panels, which are our most used panels.  
At the end of the day, when our alarm does go into distress we need someone there to make sure you and the authorities are notified.  MHS uses a well trusted company to monitor your and our company called SentryNet.  SentryNet has been a leader in wholesale central station monitoring services and offer customized solutions to independent alarm dealers

with a personal approach.  Not only does this mean that

your business can be secure, but you can personalize

your security to best fit your needs.

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What does an alarm system provide?

  • Wired or wireless keypads
  • Glass break and motion detectors protect the interior of the facility
  • The alarm communicator can communicate through a telephone line, internet connection, or GSM line (normally used as a backup line)
  • Wireless key fob and key pads are available for arming and disarming the system

Alarm Systems not only

provide your company with protection, but the

monitoring allows for fast

access to local authorities. 

The mere presence of an

alarm system will deter crime. 

Your business and its assets

need to be protected. 

MHS only works with the

best and when it comes to


Alarm Systems