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These Systems operate with both analog and IP network video cameras.  With this system you are capable of upgrading, as costs permit, to an IP-based video surveillance system without having to replace all your cameras at once. 

A large area is supported, capturing images left and right of the camera.  Therefore, less camera's are needed for a given area.  This system can pan, tilt, and zoom to give you more detail of an area. 

Network video recording records directly onto a hard drive.  Conveniently, this allows simultaneous replay and recording.  A surveillance recording from any camera can be viewed by multiple operators.  The NVR was created to maintain numerous cameras. 

Embedded DVR                          Hybrid Security                         HD Megapixel                         NVR Recording             

Embedded DVR Surveillance systems can support numerous video recorders.  These camera's are capable of recording in high speeds for multi-frame per second replay. 


Take a look at the difference between the view of an IP Camera (Left) and a traditional Analog Camera. 

     ideo surveillance has become more efficient in inventory loss, theft, and employee safety.  As a locally, family owned business, MHS understands how crucial it is for the client to be protected.  Each businesses system is different.  We do not sell standard packages, our surveillance systems are designed specifically to meet the clients needs.  It is important to us to ensure that we are able to protect and monitor all of your business assets, including the people in you organization. 

Protect and Monitor